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BIBD Aspirasi aims to promote the habit of savings

LifestyleBIBD Aspirasi aims to promote the habit of savings

Aspirasi 3 campaign awarded a total of 441 winners last year.

A life-changing grand prize of B$250,000 was awarded to a lucky grand prize winner at the culmination of the BIBD Aspirasi 3 Rewards Campaign held at the PGGMB Building in the capital, yesterday.

Five quarterly winners have also walked away with B$10,000 respectively, while another fifteen monthly winners were rewarded with B$1,000.

As part of the Aspirasi 3 Grand Prize draw, 20 subscribers were rewarded with B$1,000 each as monthly winners in December last year.

Prizes were handed over by the Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office and Minister of Finance and Economy II Dato Seri Setia Dr Amin Liew Abdullah in his capacity as the Chairman of BIBD’s Board of Directors.

BIBD Aspirasi was introduced in 2018 in support of Brunei Darussalam Central Bank’s (BDCB) objective towards promoting financial management skills and to nurture the discipline of savings amongst the people of Brunei Darussalam.

The Acting Managing Director and CEO of BIBD Hjh Noraini Binti Haji Sulaiman said, “To date, the number of subscribers for Aspirasi continues to grow exponentially, and we hope this trend will continue to increase in the long run. At BIBD, we have always remained true to our Bruneian at Heart principal and steadfast in supporting the national agenda towards financially literate Bruneian community,”

She further said, “When we first launched this initiative back in 2018, we aspire to make sure that our customers could enjoy a simple, hassle-free savings platform, which would allow them to save consistently. Alhamdulillah, we have made this possible with our BIBD NEXGEN Wallet, where savings can now be done anytime and anywhere via mobile. This is especially useful in the current pandemic era where most things have shifted towards digitalisation to minimise the spread of the Covid-19”.

The current Covid-19 pandemic is perceived as the best time for the people of Brunei to begin or develop a resilient habit of savings towards achieving a sustainable financial future.

Over the year 2021, the Aspirasi 3 campaign has awarded a total of 441 winners with cash prizes, of which 23 winners had won with a deposit from as low as B$50, with 6 of them drawn into the Grand Prize Draw.

BIBD had recently also launched its Aspirasi 4 campaign, which will again reward over 400 winners with cash prizes totalling B$870,000 over the coming year.

Following the great success of Aspirasi 3, BIBD has now increased the maximum deposit amount to B$350,000 while maintaining the minimum deposit from as low as B$50, enabling everyone to save and be part of the Aspirasi 4 rewards program.

To cultivate customers to stay persevered and continue to save for longer, Aspirasi 4 campaign continues to provide a multiplier effect with that rewards customers for staying committed for a longer period. Deposits held between 181 to 270 days will be entitled to double the number of entries, while deposits held for 271 days and more will be entitled to triple the number of entries. On a side note, BIBD Aspirasi 4 campaign depicted the success story of Kabunku, a local micro-enterprise who initially started vegetable farming as a hobby during the start of the pandemic but eventually became a successful entrepreneur as he stayed committed to his passion – Kabunku Aquaponics. The inspiring story of Kabunku perfectly encapsulates the essence of BIBD Aspirasi, and members of the public will be able to follow the story of Kabunku throughout the journey of Aspirasi 4.

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