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TransportBN app to replace physical driving license

NationalTransportBN app to replace physical driving license

Minister of Transport and Info-Communications, Dato Seri Setia Awang Abdul Mutalib bin Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Setia Dato Paduka Awang Haji Mohammad Yusof, provided updated details in regards to a number of matters related to the commencement of the Early Endemic phase in Brunei. 

The updates are as follow:

SOP in opening driving schools and public transport

Driving schools and public transports are allowed to operate physically with a 50 per cent capacity during the first phase and will be increased to 70 per cent in the second phase.

Driving tests will be carried out in accordance with the endemic phase SOPs.

Passenger capacity (excluding drivers) for public transports, such as buses, taxis and e-hailing services, as well as water taxis and cruise, is increased to 75 per cent from the 50 per cent previously. Social distancing measures are needed to be taken into account. 

For example, passenger capacity for taxis and e-hailing services depends on the vehicle’s seat capacity. If the capacity is 5, then the passenger limit is only 3, whereas if it is 7, the passenger limit is 4. 

Vehicle License and Driving License

The Land Transport Department (LTD) has received a total of 131,254 applications from August 1 to December 13, 2021. A total of 87,616 of the applications were for vehicle licenses, and 43,638 were for driving privileges. 

Vehicle and driving license renewal processes were improved with the department’s implementation of short-message service (SMS). 

From August 1 to December 13 this year, the department received a total of 131,254 applications, of which 87,616 were for vehicle licenses and 43,638 for driving licenses. From the number, 97 per cent, 127,415 applications were approved, and only three per cent, which is 3,839 applications, are still being processed. Meanwhile, 97,623 SMS have been sent among which 66,290 SMS were vehicle license applications and 30,973 SMS were driving license applications. 

To continually improve services, the minister announced the introduction of digital licenses in the TransportBN app, replacing SMS. 

Users can then access information such as driving license class, vehicle owner, the validity period of the license for each vehicle and the validity period of the driving license for each driver digitally. 

In order to access TransportBN, users must first register for e-Darussalam; however, those who have already done so can log in using simply their smart identity card number and password. 

Additional colour codes are used to show the license status, such as green for a valid driver’s license, yellow for a 30-day license validity period, and red for a license that has expired. 

Without an e-Darussalam account, the public can utilize the search option on TransportBN or the LTD’s website www.jpd.gov.bn/lesen to check out the status and validity of driving and vehicle licenses. On TransportBN, users may easily print their digital licenses by selecting PDF. LTD will soon provide further details on the digital licensing. 

As an extra feature of TransportBN, the NomborKu services provide the public with access to a list of vehicle registration numbers that may be applied for via Open Tender. 

Applicants renewing their licenses after December 8, 2021, will receive a physical card and no longer receive SMS. According to the ministry, the physical driving license card would be issued in phases. 

For driving licenses, SMS vehicle license or e-receipt received during the application to the service either online or through the portal www.gov.bn or TransportBN application or Talian Darussalam or receipts received through the application through the services of LTD branch counters or post office branch counters are still used. 

MTIC also stated that the Vehicle License Sticker will no longer be required to be put on the vehicle’s windshield. 

The MTIC and LTD have held briefings and discussions with certain parties in the country, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Royal Brunei Police Force, the Deputy High Commissioner of Brunei Darussalam in Malaysia, including the Counselor of the Brunei Darussalam in Sabah and Sarawak, said the minister.

However, the public is advised to print the vehicle license from the Transport BN application in advance and keep it in the vehicle for any eventuality. The public can also print their vehicle license at LTD branches in each district. 

Driving license for aged 70 and above

People aged 70 to 85 can now renew their driver’s licenses for one year, three years, or five years. In order to renew, applicants need to submit a self-health declaration form. 

Those 86 and older can renew their class 3 driving license for a year by submitting a medical certificate from a registered and accredited medical practitioner. 

Further details on the implementation will be explained in more detail through the JPD press release, which will be held in the near future.

Inquiries can be made through Talian Darussalam 123 or TD 123 Whatsapp line at 8333123 or JPD Whatsapp at 7181641 or Instagram or email to info_ltd@jpd.gov.bn.

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