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HM: Stay vigilant, endemic phase does not mean the pandemic is over

HealthCOVID-19HM: Stay vigilant, endemic phase does not mean the pandemic is over

His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin Waddaulah ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Haji Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien Sa’adul Khairi Waddien, Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam announced that Brunei will be entering endemicity starting Wednesday, December 15, 2021.

As a country that adheres to Islamic precepts, His Majesty noted that Brunei fulfils its obligations with zeal and devotion. These are the two significant keys to the nation’s success in accomplishing its goal.

“From time to time, we will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation in the country. We will see the number of infections that would sometimes give us hope when the daily cases decrease. However, in reality, these numbers are still unknown and impossible to predict”, said the monarch.

His Majesty emphasised the need of addressing such a situation consistently. The monarch is aware of the spread of infection, and its effect on health is still a worry.

“This cannot be taken lightly as long as the virus is still present in this earth”.

Moreover, His Majesty expressed his gratitude and admiration for the people’s cooperation and determination in overcoming this affliction.

“The country’s strategy to fight until the pandemic can be finally eradicated is our greatest hope”, said His Majesty.

The monarch highlighted that the outbreak’s impact had been felt for several months. Over time, the limitations imposed will become more challenging to cope with. Our access to mosques, surau and religious halls has been restricted due to this. Similarly, schools and educational institutions are forced to postpone their activities. Even economic productivities, companies and public services are directly impacted by the restrictions.

“The bottom line is that no one is free from the infection”, noted the monarch.

These restrictions are not implemented randomly but rather in accordance with the nation’s capabilities and preparedness, His Majesty underlined.

According to the national and global trends, His Majesty said that the Covid-19 pandemic would not be eliminated in the near future.

Although they are only assumptions, not all are accurate. His Majesty emphasised that Allah is ultimately responsible for everything. If Allah will, anything can happen.

His Majesty shared an example of Prophet Ayub AS who was tested by Allah the Almighty with a rare sickness that had no prospect of being cured that the community and his family abandoned him. But when the Prophet lamented and prayed to Allah, he was granted recuperation and more blessings.

His Majesty noted that these are the indications of Allah’s power, and that we should continue to strive and supplicate to Him.

Taking into account the current situation while embracing the new way of life, the monarch emphasised the need for the country to take a step ahead to minimise disturbances to the existing life quality by choosing the right path to Allah.

In this regard, His Majesty announced the start of the national endemic phase beginning this Wednesday, December 15 2021.

“In this phase, it does not guarantee that the number of cases will decrease or increase, nor does it indicate that we are successful. Rather, we must continue to prioritise the community’s cooperation and awareness as we adapt to our new normal”, said His Majesty.

The monarch hoped that his people and residents would continue to enhance their social responsibilities in supporting and complying with the government’s initiative. Despite the fact that this new phase would allow them to continue to carry out their daily routines, His Majesty reminded that preventive steps must be taken without ignoring the stipulated SOPs.

“There is no denying, the concern or fear towards the transmission is still there. Therefore, we should not be complacent from being vigilant or cautious. The decision to continue living in the new normal is based on scientific research and relevant analysis. However, surveillance towards the infection, particularly among the critical cases that necessitate the use of special equipment, will continue”, said the monarch. 

His Majesty urges his people to maintain and remain consistent with their practices such as hajat prayer, reciting the Quran, selawat and zikir, as well as to continue in seeking Allah’s blessings for the protection of Brunei from the coronavirus.

While we continue to maintain life survival in the new normal, His Majesty remarked that we should not forget those who have passed away due to the pandemic. His Majesty likewise sympathises and is deeply saddened by their demise but was struck with the forbearance of the family members who have been unable to bury or pay their final respects to their dear ones due to the restrictions.

His Majesty concluded the titah by expressing his appreciation and gratitude to the health professionals, civil servants, Royal Brunei Police Force, Royal Brunei Armed Force, and volunteers who have contributed their endless services. His Majesty also thanked all levels of society in the country for consistently adhering and carrying out their social obligations in addressing the pandemic. His Majesty encourages people to pray to Allah SWT that the choice to enter the endemic phase would be blessed and that all plans will be made more accessible and successful. 

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