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COVID 19: 15 new cases, one new cluster

HealthCOVID-19COVID 19: 15 new cases, one new cluster

The Ministry of Health has announced another low COVID-19 case, with only 15 cases reported.  The total number of COVID-19 cases now stands at 15,244.

Seven additional new cases were added to four of the existing active clusters. One new cluster was also detected involving two cases. 

Two clusters, Ishiwood Sdn Bhd Cluster and Sengkurong Ops Cluster were officially closed after 28 days without any new cases. Current active clusters are 106 clusters. 

Six new cases are still being investigated to determine the source of infection. 

96 cases have been recovered today. 

Among the cases being treated at this time, one (01) case is in Category 5 who is currently being treated at the Intensive Care Unit and requires the assistance of artificial ventilation as well as an additional heart/lung machine (ECMO). Meanwhile, one case is categorized in Category 4, requiring oxygen assistance and under close monitoring.

A total of 3,863 samples have been tested for the SARS-CoV-2 virus which brings the total number of laboratory tests conducted since January 2020 to 649,148 tests.

As of yesterday, a total of 4,768 individuals have received the COVID-19 vaccine injection, including 4,523 adolescents aged 12-17 years old. This means that 404,623 individuals have received the first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine which is 94.1% of the total population. Meanwhile, 362,306 individuals have completed the second 3 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine which is 84.3% of the total population.

Six individuals were found violating the Operati Peralihan directives, and two have violated the stay-at-home order. All individuals have been issued compound fines.

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