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Blue Book, Cooperation Expo launched

ASEANBlue Book, Cooperation Expo launched

In commemoration of the 45th anniversary of the establishment of the ASEAN-EU partnership, the ASEAN-EU Blue Book 2022 and the ASEAN-EU Cooperation Expo were officially launched at the ASEAN Secretariat recently.

It was officially opened and launched by the Secretary-General of ASEAN Dato Lim Jock Hoi, Ambassador of the European Union to ASEAN Igor Driesmans, and Permanent Representative of the Philippines to ASEAN and Country Coordinator for ASEAN-EU Dialogue Relations Noel Servigon.

The annual published Blue Book highlights ASEAN-EU cooperation as strategic partners in ensuring peace and security in the region, building sustainable connectivity, promoting free and fair trade, and supporting sustainable development in ASEAN.

The ASEAN-EU cooperation Expo will be held virtually until December this year and showcases EU-funded projects in ASEAN. Over €250 million was spent on the ASEAN-EU regional cooperation, and the bilateral EU cooperation with the ASEAN Member States exceeded €2 billion.

“We are proud that the seventh edition of this annual flagship publication provides the best factual and reader-friendly way of presenting what the EU and our Member States do together with ASEAN,“ said Igor Driesmans

He added, “The publication introduces our partnership in a holistic manner, including our joint efforts against COVID-19 and the Team Europe’s Green Initiative aims to ensure a green and sustainable recovery, and other priorities, such as security, climate change, connectivity, trade, safe migration, education and research.”

Meanwhile. Dato Lim Jock Hoi said, “As we celebrate the 45th Anniversary of ASEAN-EU Dialogue Relations and the 55th Anniversary of the founding of ASEAN, this year’s edition of the ASEAN-EU Blue Book is very timely as it is a landmark year for both ASEAN and the EU. The EU has always been a great supporter of ASEAN Community building efforts and we very much appreciate the significant support to ASEAN through various cooperation programmes and initiatives,”

Ambassador Noel Servigon conveyed, “The ASEAN-EU Blue Book 2022 captures the activities and major accomplishments of ASEAN-EU cooperation programs under all three ASEAN Community Pillars, demonstrating how the strategic partnership forged by ASEAN and the EU remains relevant, timely, and meaningful.”

Highlights of the ASEAN-EU Blue Book 2022 include the launch of the Smart Green ASEAN cities programme to support and complement ongoing initiatives in ASEAN to find green and smart solutions for ASEAN cities, the introduction of two new tools, the ASEAN Trade Repository and ASEAN Solution for Investment, Services and Trade to support stronger intra-ASEAN trade, development cooperation projects that aim to ensure a green and sustainable recovery, including through the ASEAN Green Team Europe Initiative and joint cooperation against Covid-19, and individual stories behind ASEAN-EU cooperation projects such as ARISEPlus, E-READI, EU SAHA, SUPA, SHARE as best proofs of the tangible outcomes of ASEAN-EU strategic partnership, which is highly meaningful, comprehensive, and benefitting the people from the two regions.

Also in attendance were ambassadors and diplomats from the EU Member States and Permanent Missions of ASEAN Member States to ASEAN, along with staff from the ASEAN Secretariat and ASEAN-EU programmes.

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